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About Us

Little Launchers is focused on inspiring children everywhere to think creatively and solve problems.

Our first project is the Little Launchers picture book series, which showcases the true stories of four real kid entrepreneurs who have started and continue to manage real businesses. Follow along as Sebastian Martinez, Gabby Goodwin, Jason Li, and Rachel Zietz become Little Launchers.

Written by technology journalist and entrepreneur Erica Swallow and illustrated by graphic designer Li Zeng, the series is a wonderful tool for introducing children to the concepts of entrepreneurship, perseverance, creative thinking, and philanthropy. Pick up a book or the entire series to get your kids excited about entrepreneurship!

About the Books

The Little Launchers book series features real kids with real businesses.
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Sebastian Created a Sock Company

Five-year-old Sebastian Martinez — with the help of his older brother, Brandon — turns his love for socks into a business that not only makes wacky socks, but also enables the duo to finally revamp the school dress code.

Gabby Invents the Perfect Hair Bow

At five years old, Gabby can't stop losing her hair bows everywhere she goes. She and her mother join forces to invent a new kind of bow that doesn't fall out. But will it work?

Jason Saves the Environment with Entrepreneurship

Problem-solver Jason Li has been on a mission to pay for his own lunch since he started school, and he’s finally found an idea that helps him do just that while saving the planet.

Rachel Turns Her Passion Into a Business

Teen lacrosse player Rachel Zietz takes an entrepreneurship course and realizes she can blend the worlds of business and fun by creating a lacrosse equipment company.

About the Team

Meet the people behind the Little Launchers project

Erica Swallow

A journalist and entrepreneur, Erica is a passionate writer. She came up with the idea of Little Launchers books after realizing there aren’t enough nonfiction books about kid heroes! Her work has been published in Forbes, Fortune, and The Wall Street Journal, among other publications. She believes education is the key to opportunity.

Li Zeng

A product designer and former design professor at the University of Central Arkansas, Li is a serial entrepreneur, passionate about inspiring kids to be creative and pursue their dreams. An award-winning designer, Li leads all Little Launchers products and design.


Inspiring kids to think creatively and solve problems