Little Launchers Introduces Spark Podcast to Empower Young Creators

Little Launchers is excited to announce the official launch of its Spark podcast, focused on empowering kids to learn, create, and become! The podcast is available on iTunes, Spotify, and SoundCloud and features Li Zeng, teen hosts Jennifer Li and Yang Gao conducting interviews with young creators, innovators and changemakers making a difference in the world!

It is interesting to hear about the successes of others and how they started something or experienced something that’s unique, especially if they have lessons that we can learn from. We can relate to their story, interests, age, or even ethnic background. Sometimes, we will just relate to their previous circumstance that landed them into the position of developing their idea and unique journey. Like the saying “it’s a small world after all,” we actually have more in common with each other than we think. Our differences are what make us unique individuals. Little Launchers is well known for its passion for connected young and unique individuals that have stories to tell about how they started their own businesses.

But the fun doesn’t stop there for young inspiring entrepreneurs and creators. On Monday, Little Launchers launched its very own Spark podcast to give viewers and listeners more of an insight on who they are and what they are about. Spark is now available on iTunes, Spotify, and SoundCloud. So check it out!

This Spark podcast is hosted in Silicon Valley—in the heart of the Bay Area of California—by the co-founder of Little Launchers, Li Zeng, and two young hosts, Jennifer Li, and Yang Gao. As the author of Little Launchers as well as the first guest interviewee, Erica Swallow says she is most excited to see Spark hosted by two young creators and thinkers themselves. “Little Launchers was founded on the idea of inspiring young entrepreneurs through the work of other young people,” Erica says. “The Spark podcast is an example of that idea in action. Our hosts, Jennifer and Yang, are students, innovators, and now podcast hosts. It was an honor for Li and I to be their first interviewees, so we could see them in action. I hope this episode and many more to come to inspire young entrepreneurs and their parents to dream big!”

The podcast will feature guests of all age who have special lessons, tips, and advice to share with young entrepreneurs, creators, and change makers.

One of the main points of the first podcast episode is to highlight the importance of creativity and problem-solving. Our creativity declines as we age due to many different reasons. That’s why it’s important to encourage our kids to create and make things happen without limitation at a young age. Great problem-solving skills, on the other hand, is the key to every functioning relationship. It can be a relationship with your spouse, kids, business, homework or even a simple game that you and your friends are playing, problem-solving is a part of everyday life. As adults, we understand why it is important to problem solve and to maintain and positive outlook on life. Li Zeng, the creator, and co-host of Spark urges us to be open for inspiration and stories of other creators and entrepreneurs.

“Creativity comes at an early age!” Li says. “All kids and parents are encouraged here at Spark to be creative, try things out and dream big. It’s exciting to launch the Spark podcast with the support of many people. If you want to hear stories of how other kids pursue their passion, how parents support their kids solving problems and how young creators make their ideas come to life, follow us on Spark and be inspired!”

Our young host Yang again mentioned, “You don’t have to be born gifted to do great things, all you need is the right encouragement and inspiration.” By helping with Spark podcasts, Yang says he feels he can influence kids like himself to start making the world a better place.

In simpler terms, as adults, it is important to let children explore the world in a way that they can understand and want to know more. Allow them to learn, create, make mistakes, succeed, and become who they dream to be. It develops the mindset of an entrepreneur or someone of great stature. It is especially important for an entrepreneur to be skillful in problem-solving because they will be faced with many issues. Not only that, but entrepreneurs have to keep coming up with ideas that will keep their business running and growing.

So let’s turn our brains on, get some ideas flowing and tune into our podcast. We are always looking for young or adult creators, innovators and changemakers to be featured as our guests. Write to us if you know anyone who would be a great fit!

As our other young host, Jennifer expressed, “I am so excited for the launch of the Spark podcast. I have learned so much along the way of making these podcasts and learned so much about these amazing entrepreneurs. Each and every one of them has inspired me greatly. I hope they will do the same for our listeners and motivate them to learn and create!”

Our best hope is that YOU as our listeners are inspired. We hope our new podcast SPARKS creativity in you and empowers you to make a difference in the world!

Little Launchers

The Little Launchers book series showcases the true stories of real kid entrepreneurs who have started and continue to manage real businesses. The goal of the series is to inspire children everywhere to think creatively and solve the problems they see around them.