Thank You To Everyone Who Made the Little Launchers Kickstarter Possible!

Earlier this year, 226 backers pledged $20,010 to help bring our Little Launchers Kickstarter project to life.

In just one month, you all pledged to receive more than 1,100 books, delivered to 27 U.S. states and 13 countries. Our project would not have become a reality without you, so this post is dedicated to each and every one of our supporters!

First, we want to thank the Little Launchers and their families for inspiring us and so many others with their stories: Gabrielle Goodwin and the Goodwin Family, Sebastian Martinez and the Martinez Family, Rachel Zietz and the Zietz Family, and Jason Li and the Li Family.

There are also a number of organizations that played a big role in our early story. We want to send a special thank you to Economics Arkansas, The Conductor, 1 Million Cups Little Rock, the Venture Center’s Lift the Rock, and the Highlights Foundation, for believing in our work and supporting us. In addition, thank you to the state of Arkansas and all of its people for the outpouring of local love and for developing the talents of each of our teammates! This series was written and illustrated in the Natural State, and we are proud of those roots! Arkansas holds a special place in the hearts of each of Little Launchers’s three creators.

Entrepreneur Kid Packing Party - Erica Swallow and Li Zeng

Illustrator Li Zeng and author Erica Swallow pack rewards for the Kickstarter campaign.

Finally, we want to extend a huge bubble of gratitude to the more than 200 individuals without whom this project would not have been possible. Thank you for your encouragement and support; we hope we made you proud with the book series! We will forever be grateful to:

Abby Sims
Akshay Singh
Alana Frome
Alanna Hughes
Alex Rainert
Alex Robinson
Alex Wright-Gladstein
Alia Borroho
Alic Chen
Alicia Robb
Allen Brown & Virginia Christman
Allison Nicholas
Amina Ahmadi
Amy Wang
Ana Villanueva
Andrew Brown
Andrew Cornett
Andrew Kyrejko
Andrew M. Radin
Andy Davis
Anthony Farah
Ashley Jones
Ashton Ray
Benicio, Gabriel & Franco
Benjamin Ellefson
Biff Parker-Magyar
Bonnie Hamilton
Brandilyn Gilbert
Bryan & Brandon Rodriguez
Josh Collins, Catapult Ideas
Catherine Madden
Catherine Roseann Gaston
Catherine Halabu
Christine Anderson
Clive Ka-lun Lee
Collins Family
Coni Batlle
Cory Bolotsky
Cristiane Rocha
Daisy Moses
Daipan Lee
Dandi Gu
Dani Fankhauser
Daniel & Lillian Mahaney
Daniela Amores
Darcy Pattison
David Klein
David S. Kidder
Demian Blair
Devin Cook
Dhanraj Konduru
Di Jiang
DJ Dailey
Dr. Rita Littrell
Dr. Tionna Jenkins & Family
Eileen Devereux
Eiphany Morrow
Elizabeth Thys
Eric Hinson
Eric Ho
Errin Stanger
Eugene Jones
Eugenia Prozorova
Eyona Mitchell
Fernando Leon
Frank Bear
Frederik Fleck
George McNulty
Greg Judkins
Hani Selim
Hans van Gent
Harold Li
Haya Al Ghanim
Heather Collins
Heather Whaling
Helen Zhang
Henry & Mamie Banks
Holly Laws
Hollyann Wood
Hui Shen
Jacob Johnston
Jacqueline España
Jamall Oluokun
James Johnson
Jamie Wilkinson
Jamyn Edis
Jason Shapiro
Jawon Smith
Jay Coogan
Jeannette Balleza Collins
Jeff Standridge
Jehangir Irani
Jennifer Holohan
Jess Pingrey
Jessica Fox
Jessica Johnston-Myers
Jessica Yañez
Jeston George
Joe Cashman
Joe Chin
John Chamberlin
John Wood
Jon Gottfried
Jonathan Slezak
Jonathon Matthews
Joseph Da Costa
Josh Catone
Josh Mendelsohn
Josh Mohrer
Juan Trujillo
Julia Gitis
Karen Tai
Kathy Ellen Davis
Katie Agnew
Keith Hoelzeman
Kelli Rollins
Kemery Kreates
Kim Lane
Kleon V.
Kristen Dougherty
Kristen Palazzolo
Kristian & Brandi Andersen
Lacey Smith
Lara Avsar
Laura Chisum
Lauren Jones
Lee Fernon
Lemmy Liikkanen
Lijin Zeng
Lilian Gabriel
Liza Maker
Lizz Choi
Longy Han
Lorie Whitby
Luca Castaneda
Luke Leafgren & Lindsay Noll
Maf Sonko
Maria Kucinski
Mariken Zuydgeest
Marissa Louie & Corey Reese
Mark Cooper
Marsha Masters
Marsha Tyszler
Martin Eichelmann
Marcelo Wigman
Mary Kay Krouze
Matt Silverman
Matthew Nelson
Meagan O’Toole
Meghan Acciavatti
Melinda Sims
Merve Arabaci
Michael Teston
Michelle Barnes
Michelle Galligan
Mike Steely
Monica Springfield
Naassih Gopee
Naomi Zietz
Natasha Dzurny
Nathaniel Thomas III
Nicholas George
Nicholas Norfolk
Nick Giglia
Nicole Davis
Ning Shirakawa
Norma Howley
Orly Sade
Ovey Yeung
Pavel Dolezal
Pedro Sorrentino
Pei Zhang
Perihan Abouzeid
Qing Ni
Ramon Geronimo
Rebecca Miles
Rex Ting
Rhonda Thompson
Richard Brown
Ritika Puri
Robert Blake
Roberto Gonzalez
Rocky Slaughter
Ron Duggins
Ron Zeligzon
Ronda Reely
Ryan & Melissa Larcom
Ryan Kuder
Salit Kulla
Salomon Harari
Sandra Fathi
Sara Massana
Sarah Daigle
Sarah Spencer
Scott Pollack
Seana Norvell
Seth Waite
Shams Juma
Shelly Loftin
Sheri Street
Sol Harari,
Sonja Perkins
Stan Yamane
Steve Rice
Sue McGowan
Susan Barron
Terrie Turner
The Locals
Tiffany Henry
Tim & Martha Freeman
Todd Jones
Tomide Ige
Trevór Collins
Vanessa Jupe
Victoria Coppett
Victoria Washington
Victoria Young
Weidong Li
Weikai Lang
Wenwen Manfred
Yu Zhuang
Zack Price
Zeb Dropkin

Though the Kickstarter campaign is officially finished and all books have been shipped, we will continue to keep our growing community up-to-date on what’s new at Little Launchers. We are passionate about sharing the stories of young innovators to inspire the next generation of creators and doers. Thank you all for being a part of this journey!

Little Launchers

The Little Launchers book series showcases the true stories of real kid entrepreneurs who have started and continue to manage real businesses. The goal of the series is to inspire children everywhere to think creatively and solve the problems they see around them.