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Now Available on Amazon

Little Launchers Books are Now Available on

All four Little Launchers series books are available in hardcover, paperback, and Kindle versions on Amazon. Find the books online now!

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Economics Arkansas E3 Conference Sprindale 2017_3

Economics Arkansas Offers Little Launchers Books to Educators at E3 Conference

Teachers had the opportunity to bring Little Launchers books to their classrooms through a curriculum offering at an Economics Arkansas conference this week.

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Little Launchers Printing Trip to China

Little Launchers Visits Printing Facility to Review Hardcover Proofs

During its speaking tour in China, Little Launchers visited its chosen printer to preview the hardcover prints. Here’s an early look at the printed series!

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Little Launchers China Speaking Tour Brochure

Little Launchers Departs for Speaking Tour in China!

The duo being Little Launchers departed today for a multi-city speaking tour in China where they hope to inspire students to consider entrepreneurship as a career path.

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Little Launchers Kickstarter 20K Funded

Little Launchers Raises $20,000+ on Kickstarter to Launch Book Series!

Little Launchers’s Kickstarter campaign has come to an end, with the upstart having raised more than $20,000 to launch the Little Launchers book series.

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The Conductor Arkansas Little Launchers

The Conductor to Donate Little Launchers Books to Local Elementary Schools

Every elementary school library in Faulkner County, Arkansas will soon be stocked with a set of Little Launchers books, thanks to the Conductor.

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Little Launchers in Arkansas News

Local Love: Thank You to Our Arkansas Supporters!

The Little Launchers team is grateful for all of the early, local love our project has received from fellow Arkansans and news organizations.

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Lucy Chen: My Unique College Journey at Minerva

Lucy Chen is a voice for all of the youth to turn their loneliness and longing for something into passionate artwork.

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Author Erica Swallow to Visit Hometown, Speak at Middle School

Author Erica Swallow will visit her hometown and speak at Oak Grove Middle School to a class of 200 fifth graders about how fifth grade changed her life.

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Little Launchers Books on Kickstarter

Little Launchers Unveil Kickstarter Campaign to Print Children’s Book Series

Launching on Kickstarter, Little Launchers is a children’s picture book series that showcases the true stories of real kid entrepreneurs and their businesses.

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Little Launchers Website

Little Launchers Unveils Website to Advance Youth Entrepreneurship

Little Launchers unveiled its website,, on Wednesday to contribute to the advancement of youth entrepreneurship.

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Rachel Zietz + Little Launchers Book Cover

Who is Rachel? The Teen Athlete Turned Teen Entrepreneur

“Rachel Turns Her Passion Into a Business” is a story about the entrepreneurial journey of Rachel Zietz, real-life founder and CEO of Gladiator Lacrosse.

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